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Volcano Potatoes Recipe


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Volcano Potatoes Recipe, Volcano Potatoes Recipe

Volcano Potatoes Recipe
Volcano Potato needs to be on each potato lover’s container list! Your favorite baked potato toppings! A flavor explosion in each bite! Volcano Potatoes are fabulous! Who doesn’t adore a potato that looks this way? They are as delicious as they look. We don’t always incorporate cooked bacon, sausage or ham and you really don’t need to, these potatoes are yummy either way! Pick your favorite potato toppings and you are headed to creating your ideal Volcano Potato!
Volcano Potatoes Recipe, Volcano Potatoes Recipe

What is a Volcano Potato?
Basically, a Volcano Potato is a stuffed potato, brimming with the entirety of your favorite baked potato toppings. Enclosed by bacon, covered in grill sauce, with a creamy “magma” drizzled on top of some baked cheese, green onions and bacon! Potatoes don’t beat this! How would you make a Volcano Potato?
Volcano Potatoes Recipe, Volcano Potatoes Recipe

Prepare your Potatoes.

  • Fold every crude slice of bacon over the potato, starting at the base, using toothpicks to secure the start and end of each piece as it overlaps.
  • Spot potatoes on the readied preparing sheet. Using a brush add grill sauce to every bacon slice, on the sides of the potato. Prepare.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together sour cream, grill sauce, and hot sauce, if using, until all around consolidated and chill in the icebox until serving.
  • Expel potatoes from the stove when done and enable them to cool until you can deal with them, usually 5-10 minutes. Try not to kill your stove yet.
  • Cut a slice off the top of the potato, just over the bacon. Using a spoon cautiously scoop out the mash inside the potato, as profound and as close as you can to the inside edge.
  • Spot mash in a medium-sized blending bowl in with 1/4 cup butter. The butter will liquefy as the scoops of potato mash arrive on it in the blending bowl. If the potato breaks a little while scraping the inside that is alright. The bacon will keep the potato secure.
  • Include diced onions, sour cream, meat and cheeses to the potato mash. Blend, ideally with a handheld blender, until contents are smooth.
  • Dump contents into a re-sealable sack and press into one corner. Cut the corner off with scissors, around a 1 inch since quite a while ago cut. Do whatever it takes not to make the gap too large. Squeeze contents back inside the potato. Attempt to top the potato off with as a significant part of the potato blend as possible.
  • Potatoes will heap up on top and flood and that is alright. Press shredded cheese on top and place potatoes back in the broiler to heat or sear until cheese is brown and liquefied, a couple of moments.
  • Expel potatoes from the stove and sprinkle sour cream blend on top and even trickle down the sides if desired! Top with green onions and serve right away! There you have it! The Ultimate Volcano Potato! This recipe for The Ultimate Volcano Potato is a definite manager! The flavors are divine! They merit the exertion! These potatoes are ideal for any and each occasion!

    This recipe must be on each potato lover’s basin list! The Ultimate Volcano Potato is as good as it looks!


    Volcano Potatoes Recipe, Volcano Potatoes Recipe

    Volcano Potatoes Recipe

    • Yield: 6 1x



    1. 6 large russet potatoes
    2. 1 cup green onion (100 g), sliced
    3. 8 oz cream cheese (225 g), softened
    4. 3 cups grated cheddar cheese (300 g), divided
    5. 12 strips bacon


    1. Preheat the grill to 400˚F (200˚C).
    2. Thoroughly scrub the potatoes and poke a few holes in them to vent. Wrap in aluminum foil and place on the grill over direct heat to cook for 20 minutes.
    3. In the meantime, mix 1 ½ cups (150g) of cheddar cheese, the cream cheese, and green onions in a medium bowl until well-combined. Set aside.
    4. Remove the potatoes from the grill and let them rest until they are cool enough to handle. Unwrap each potato and cut off the ends so they can stand up. Using a melon baller or a spoon, carve out the center of each potato, being careful not to make the walls too thin, and to leave a bit of thickness at the bottom as well. Fill the potatoes with the cheese mixture and wrap 2 slices of bacon around each one. Secure the bacon with toothpicks, if necessary.
    5. Reduce the grill temperature to about 350˚F (175˚C) and place the potatoes on the grill over indirect heat for 30 minutes with the lid closed.
    6. After 30 minutes, top the potatoes with the remaining cheddar cheese and cook for another 15 minutes. Before serving, garnish with a dollop of sour cream and some green onions.
    7. Enjoy!

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Volcano Potatoes Recipe, Volcano Potatoes Recipe

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